Friday, June 3, 2011

Outta Here!

I went to my group fitness dance class this morning and did so much better than last week. I only botched a handful of moves and actually mustered the courage to look at myself in the mirror. Awesome. Baby steps!

In sadder news, my instep of my right foot is killing me. Dr. Google has informed me it might be Plantar Fascitis. If this pain keeps on I will likely have to see someone soon about it so that I can at least get some advice about what makes it worse and what is better for it.

Just a quick note to my 3 readers (if that many!) that I am on vacation until 6/11 and while I will have access to a computer sparingly, I am not planning on using it. I am looking forward to sun, sand, the fitness room at the resort, and yummy seafood that has not been fried or dipped in butter.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and week and see you when I'm tanner!


  1. Nice! Sounds like a great vacation and I love seafood that's not fried. Actual, I prefer it that way. Fried just takes away any seafood deliciousness! BUT sometimes a fried fish sandwich is a craving with some tartar sauce. :)