Thursday, June 2, 2011

I am in Misery...

While I was working out with my trainer this morning, that Maroon 5 song came on with the lyric "I am in misery" - talk about prophetic! I had to meet my trainer about 2 hours earlier than normal today due to scheduling issues, and wow did I pay the price. I don't think my blood sugar was good, and I don't think I was hydrated enough. I felt fine during the workout - in fact I was super proud of myself because I pushed HARD through some serious pain. There were a couple of reps that I just knew I couldn't finish, but I did.

However, as soon as I finished, cooled down, and went to pick the kids up from childwatch I was hit by wave after wave of nausea. I got the kids back to the car and sat down, drank some water and ate one of those mini Luna bars. We were scheduled to be at the auto dealership and so I needed to motor, so I figured I would power through it. WRONG! As I pulled off the exit for the dealership it was all over - I grabbed the only thing within reach - a re-usable grocery bag - and, uh, let's just say it won't be re-used ever again.

I felt really bad for another 30 min or so - not a good recovery. I am going to mention it to my trainer next time so I can get some feedback. Did we push too hard today? Did my breakfast just not have time to absorb and get my blood sugar stabilized? Whatever the issue, I want to solve it. I hate the feeling of nausea - it's so crummy. And it makes me nervous about doing my strength training, which sucks because I know it's crucial for my progress.

All in all, not the world's best morning!

Edited to add: the afternoon definitely picked up, as I received my stress test results and everything showed as AOK. That is great news and I feel anxiety just dripping away knowing that my heart is healthy despite what I have put it through for 36 years!

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  1. Oh man, I can't imagine! I've never had that happen but I have been mid training (when I had a trainer at the time) and I got so dizzy I thought I was going to pass out or even puke. She thought I was trying to get out of the reps. Not until I told her to back off, and probably looked like I was going to puke, did she relent. Did a test at the Dr's office and my heart was good (EKG I think? I don't know) and he said I was a little dehydrated and needed to drink even more than I had. Weird. I hope you can get it figured out why you experienced that. You shouldn't have to go through that every time you workout a little earlier than normal!

    ::waving goodbye to your anxiety::