Monday, June 20, 2011

Back - Finally!

So I was on vacation for a week. I biked, I swam, I walked, and I ate appropriately. I was very proud of myself. And then at the tail end of my vacation, I got a kidney stone - a BAD one. I have had 5 in my life thus far and this one was SO bad that I landed in the hospital for a bit. Whew. I was so glad that was over.

We came home from vacation and I still wasn't feeling 100% but chalked it up to kidney stone recovery. Wrong! I had a giant ovarian cyst and was doubled over in pain from that.

Needless to say, I have been on a boatload of pain and nausea meds between the kidney stone and the cyst, and have not been working out. I am still not up to snuff but went back to my trainer last Thurs and back to my fitness class last Friday. It was ROUGH.

Because I have been feeling so crappy I have been eating badly, too. Not eating breakfast and then eating too much for lunch. Or not eating all day and then eating at bedtime, etc. I just have not been myself. I will be so glad to be feeling back to normal again.

Anyway, all that to say - 1) I'm BACK! and 2) I dread stepping on the scale tomorrow, but them's the breaks! See you then for the moment of truth - I am sure I have gained and I am also sure I will want to kick myself in the butt.


  1. Oh my goodness! You poor woman! I can't imagine, I've never had either, but I've heard those things are just the worst. I'm so glad you are back up to par :)

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