Friday, May 20, 2011

How Much Can I Sweat?

I did my first group fitness class today, something called Flirty Girl Fitness. I was a bit apprehensive because really, I am neither flirty nor much of a "girl" anymore at 36, but I went because I know the instructor (an acquaintance) and thought it might be fun. And it was! However, I learned that I hate to look at myself. The room is lined with mirrors and I just kept my eyes on the instructor the whole time because whenever I caught a glimpse of myself, I cringed.

However, I made it through the whole workout and though drowning in my own sweat, really enjoyed it. I will definitely attend again next week.

On the diet front, I have been eating fairly well this week. I am trying to eat whole foods and to listen to my body. I have failed miserably on every "diet" I've ever been on, so I am trying to follow my trainer's suggestions and just eat reasonably, eat varied foods, get plenty of vegetables and lean protein, and drink plenty of water. That seems doable.

FYI, Tuesdays will be my weigh-in day here on the blog. I am interested to see what the scale says next Tues!

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